The Clean: The moment we've all been waiting for, where we perform what some consider a miracle and restore sight through those dirty windows!  Wow, that's why we have windows!

A Free Quote: It all starts with a quick call, text or email.  Sometimes a quick chat on the phone is all we need to provide an accurate quote.  Otherwise, we'd be happy to stop by.


Your home deserves clean windows.  It improves the view and helps keep one of your largest investments in top shape.


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Awning cleaning, pressure washing, light fixture cleaning, and other cleaning services available.

We'll tailor to your needs : We can clean every window every time, but that might not fit your needs.  We can do a la carte, or the whole shebang!  For commercial we can come weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or we'll make up something else.

glass restoration 

Minerals in our water supply can leave 'hard-water' stains.  We'll remove them safely.

construction clean-up

You worked hard on building your home or business.  Make sure the windows reflect it!

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Your customers and your employees will thank you for a regular, routine cleaning tailored to your needs.

Windows.  The scoop:

Now a days more than ever windows are a part of a beautiful home.  Actually, they're almost always a part of ugly homes too.  Anyway, windows just work better for that which they were placed if they are cleaned on a regular basis.  Dirty windows just make you feel yucky!  So you've tried to clean them yourself.  And how did that turn out for you?  Frustrating, time consuming, and they looked just slightly better than when you began, right?  Now that's not to say you didn't give it your all.  But tools and technique are everything.  And we've got those.  So sit back and let us handle the pain of cleaning your windows.  We'll give you Great Panes.  Window Panes that is.  Then you can get on to other, more important things in your life.  And as you take a break and sit in your favorite chair next to the window, well, you'll enjoy looking out of it.

Great Panes Window Cleaning
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We'll help you make the neighbors jealous.  Not that we're in the business of promoting jealousy.  That's just part of the results.


We go to great pains to give you GREAT PANES! 


Your home is one of your biggest investments.  You want trusted professionals when inviting someone into your home to preform a task.  Great Panes Window Cleaning has preformed impeccable, honest work for over ten years.  Lets get your windows clean!

gutter cleaning

Leaves, dirt and debris can clog your gutters causing more harm than help.  We'll clear that mess right up!

We love to maintain relationships with clients and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your life better, healthier, and cleaner. 


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are you ready to experience clean windows?

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